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RASC NB has loaner equipment available free of charge to members in good standing. This equipment is borrowed and returned at Centre meetings, except during the summer star party season. The equipment request form is at the bottom of this page.

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (P.S.T.) has a built-in hydrogen alpha filter. It includes an eyepiece and a tripod with
The Light Pollution Display Box demonstrates the impact of light pollution caused by unshielded street lights vs shielded street lights.
The Light Pollution Display Box demonstrates the impact of light pollution caused by unshielded street lights vs shielded street lights.
The Lunt White Light Solar Wedge provides superior white light views of the sun. Requires a refractor telescope.
These flippers allow you to determine the prescription needed for special eyewear needed to correct for night myopia.
Epson EX7240 Projector for use at star parties and other outreach events.
Coffee maker and accessories for use at meetings and star parties.
The Unihedron Sky Quality Meter with lens (SQM-L) is used for taking dark sky measurements to trend the effect of
The Unihedron Sky Quality Meter (SQM) is used for taking dark sky measurements to trend the effect of light pollution
This canopy is intended to be used as a sunshade, light rain shelter, and rally point at star parties.
Large tent for storing equipment or for a small group to sleep in at star parties.

Equipment Status

Policies and Guidelines

Telescope Lending Policy (click to expand)

The RASC NB Centre telescopes (including the accessories designated for each); namely the Coronado PST, the 8" Dob and any other telescope acquired by the Centre; may be borrowed at no charge by any Centre member in good standing under the following terms:

  • The normal borrowing period is approximately one month (i.e., between meetings), although alternative periods may be arranged through the Equipment Manager depending on demand and other circumstances.
  • A member may borrow only one telescope at a time unless there is no demand for the other(s) for the period requested.
  • A member may retain a telescope for more than one period upon request, provided no other member has requested the telescope by the end of the period (normally, end of the Centre meeting).
  • Requests for a telescope should be made to the Equipment Manager at least three days prior to a meeting to allow for arrangements to be made. Normally, the telescope will be transferred at a meeting. If a member is unable to attend the meeting to return or obtain a telescope, that member should made arrangements for another member to deliver or collect the telescope and inform the Equipment manager of the arrangements.
  • If the member is unfamiliar with the use and care of the telescope, that member has the responsibility to request training prior to accepting the telescope.
  • The borrower and Equipment Manager or delegate will complete the Telescope Condition and Inventory Form when the telescope is borrowed and returned.
  • The member assumes responsibility for the condition of the telescope while in possession, and may be held responsible for compensation for the loss of or damage to the telescope while it is in their possession, as decided by Centre Council.
  • A member who does not abide by this policy may have borrowing privilege revoked, at the discretion of Centre Council.

A non-member of the NB RASC Centre may rent a Centre telescope at a nominal fee of $10 per month under the following conditions:

  • The telescope has not been requested by a Centre member for that period.
  • A member who is familiar with the borrower shall act as a sponsor for the borrower, and shall assume responsibility for the telescope as per the terms for borrowing by a member.
  • The fee shall be paid in advance to the Centre Treasurer directly or through the sponsor.
Lending Guidelines (click to expand)
  • The borrower is responsible for picking up the items at meetings and returning them the next month. Alternative arrangements may be made with the approval of the Equipment Manager.
  • At the time of exchange, the equipment condition must be reviewed by two (2) individuals: the person returning the item(s) and the person taking over the item(s). The individual returning the equipment must inform the Equipment Chair using the form below.
  • It is encouraged to document your experiences with the scope in the supplied log book.
  • The equipment available on loan is not brought to each meeting. A request must be completed at least a week in advance of the meeting, using the form below.
  • The borrower is responsible for the condition of the equipment when returned. If an incident occurs during the borrowing period, please photograph the damage and contact the Equipment Chair, describing the damage or missing components.

Loan Return/Request Form

    I have read and agree to the above Policies and Guidelines.

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