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The RASC NB discussion electronic mailing list is for general astronomy correspondence between its members (and only its members). Members are not automatically subscribed to this list. They must opt-in using the form below.

Discussion List Rules of Etiquette (click to expand)
  • Discussions are for astronomy-related matters only. No politics or religion.
  • No vulgar language; we have youth members who may be reading.
  • No hate or bigotry. Treat everyone with respect regardless of age, income, career, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political affiliation.
  • Don’t disclose any private information of another person (such as their physical address) without their consent.
  • When organizing private observing sessions, minimize the amount of private information that you disclose (such as your physical address). Instead, consider sending that information to only the people who will be attending.
  • Private for-sale ads are for astronomy-related items only.
  • Use the same precautions for private sales as you would with any classified ad. The RASC NB Centre shall not be responsible for any bad deals made as a result of an ad posted on the discuss list.
  • Astronomy-related photos are permitted as attachments. The per-user limit is 10MB total attachments per month. Using JPEG format and a 2000-pixel resolution should keep most photos below 2MB.
  • If possible, users are encouraged to send links to a photo-sharing website instead of photo attachments to save on data usage for users who are on wireless internet.
  • Attachments of executable computer programs and scripts are prohibited.

Depending on severity, users of the discuss list who don’t follow the above rules may be suspended or banned from the list, at the discretion of the Moderator and/or the President.

If you’re already a member subscribed to the discussion list, you may send a message to all other subscribed members by sending an email to:

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