Book Library

Items in our book library are available to all of our Centre’s members in good standing. The items are held by our librarian, so it may not be until the next meeting before we would be able fulfill your request.

Browse our online Librarika catalogue to see what’s available and to view brief descriptions. You don’t need a Librarika account to browse the catalogue.

Please use the form below to make a request or to arrange a return. The form will be sent to our librarian via email.

Lending Guidelines:

  • Books are only for RASC NB members in good standing.
  • Policy is a shared/fair use, no planned return date but be considerate to other members.
  • Many books are donated but some are on loan – the original owners may request their book be returned.

    I am a RASC-NB member in good standing and I have read the above Lending Guidelines.

    The above checkbox must be checked before you can click the Send button below.

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