Certificate Programs

RASC offers a number of observing certificate programs for members to promote active observing. Membership is required to obtain these certificates (except for the Explore the Universe certificate). The three most introductory programs are listed below. Please see the national website for the complete list of certificate programs.

The Explore the Universe observing certificate is aimed at the novice astronomer. It provides an introduction to all aspects of visual astronomy, including stars and constellations, lunar, planetary, deep sky, and double stars.

The Explore the Moon observing program bridges the gap between the introductory Explore the Universe observing program and the more challenging Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program. There are two variants of this program: one for binoculars, and another for telescopes.

The Messier Certificate covers the entire set of 110 deep sky objects catalogued by the French astronomer Charles Messier during the late 18th century.
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