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Livingston Lake Star Party

July 21, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - July 23, 2017 @ 12:00 pm


Site Details


The site is at 310m elevation. There is large field between the buildings and the lake, with plenty of room for telescopes. There is also plenty of room for tents.

The southern treeline covers roughly 10-15 degrees of angular elevation.

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Main Building

The main building is split into a large open room and a kitchen. The kitchen includes a stove, fridge, and a microwave. The open room has folding tables and a few chairs.

There is a large deck where we can hang out and have our meals. It would not be advisable to set-up a telescope on the deck due to vibrations.

There is now a propane barbecue available at the campsite that we can use.

The main building has electrical power, but you’ll have to provide your own extension cords if your telescope or imaging rig requires electrical power.

Bunk House

For those who do not wish to sleep in their own tent, there is a bunk house at our disposal. The bunk is divided into three partitions. There are no separate rooms with doors, although a blanket can be pinned at the entrance of each partition to provide a little privacy.

The outside door opens into the main partition which has 6 bunks. The two other partitions each have 4 bunks. Only 6 of the bunks have mattresses. You must provide your own blankets or sleeping bag. The main partition has room for air mattresses on the floor.

We will try to allocate the bunks and partitions in a sensible manner (men in one partition, women in another).


Bathrooms and Showers

There is one bathroom and shower that we can use in the main building. There is also a separate bathroom/shower outbuilding with 6 stalls. The showers in the outbuilding may not have hot water due to the hot water needing replacement. However, the shower in the main building does have hot water.



A short distance from the cabin and down a small slope is Livingston Lake.

If you plan on swimming, kayaking, or canoeing on the lake, you do so at your own risk. The rental agreement requires that you wear a life jacket if you go boating on the lake. There might be leaches in that lake, so check yourself thoroughly if you decide to go for a swim.

There is supposedly trout in that lake, but who knows whether or not the locals will have already fished it out. A New Brunswick angling license is required if you want to try your luck at fishing.


On highway 144, around 3km east of Alma, take the 45 Road north. After 3.6km, take the Livingston Lane driveway west. The campsite is a few hundred meters away.


The cost of the campsite rental and other needed supplies (such as cleaning supplies) will be split evenly among all guests. A copy of the rental invoice will be sent by email to all attendees. The campsite rental cost is $225 for Friday and Saturday nights, for up to 36 guests.


There are no water/sewage/electrical hookups for RVs at the site. If you still want to bring your RV, please be aware that Barrett Road is a fairly steep dirt road, and that the turn into Livingston Lane might be tricky.

The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of RVs so that there’s enough space for cars, tents and telescopes. When filling out the registration form, please indicate if you plan to bring your RV. If there’s no room left, you will be notified by the organizer. RV spots will be assigned in the order registrations were received.

RVs are to be parked along the eastern fork of the campsite’s driveway.

Note that Fundy Park is only 10km away, so one possibility for RVers would be to sleep in your RV at Fundy Park after you’ve finished observing for the night.

Local Amenities

There is a general store in Alma that sells gas, some groceries, liquor, and coffee. It’s open every day from 8:00AM to 9:00PM.

Fundy National Park is only 10km away if you’d like to visit during the daytime. Entrance passes are free this year.


The rental agreement with Livingston Outdoor Adventures requires that every guest respects the following rules:

A. Water Supply: The water supply for the camp is from a well so please ensure there is no waste of water. Do not turn off water pump unless advised by camp representative.

B. (This rule was waived for our group)

C. Fire Precautions: It is the duty of all camp users to exercise extreme care in the use of materials that might cause forest fires. Keeping that in mind there is NO SMOKING allowed on camp property nor candles / open flames allowed in buildings or teepees.

Note: The NO SMOKING rule is intended for youth groups booking the site. We are permitted to smoke, but we should use the provided bucket for disposing of cigarette butts.

D. Campfires: All campfires are to be held in the designated pit near the waterfront. Before starting a fire it is mandatory to check with the Department of Natural Resources for fire index and permission. Call 1-866-458-8080 – lines open 24/7. Please ensure there is a bucket of water nearby for extinguishing fire. It is the responsibility of the users to ensure fire is attended to at all times and is completely extinguished before leaving campfire area.

Note: The event organizer is banning nighttime campfires as per rule #2 below.

E. Trees: Do not cut down any standing trees.

F. Waterfront: The Lake is used at renter’s own risk; LOA does not accept any responsibility for water use.

G. Canoes/Kayaks: Although LOA does not provide canoes or kayaks, groups using them MUST wear life jackets while on the water. Standard safety practices MUST BE FOLLOWED.

H. Pets: No domestic animals or pets of any kind are permitted on the property.

I. Recreational Vehicles: No unlicensed motorbikes or other ATV’s are allowed to operate on camp property.

Organizer’s Additional Rules

1. Green Laser Pointers: The use of green laser pointers is banned for this event. This is because several of our members will be capturing astro images, and green lasers can ruin their photographic exposures.

2. Campfires: Nighttime campfires are banned if the skies are clear. This is to prevent the campfire’s bright glare from ruining the stargazers’ dark adaptation. If we are clouded out, then campfires are permitted as per rule D above.

3. Alcohol and Smoking: We have been given permission to consume alcohol (legal age adults only). But please keep alcohol consumption to a moderate level to prevent rude and obnoxious behavior. Smoking has also been permitted for our group, but please smoke outdoors and away from other guests. To prevent forest fires, you must dispose of your butts in the pail near the main building.

4. Light Etiquette: During nighttime observing, please avoid the use of white light near the stargazers. Please park your vehicle so that its headlights are pointing away from the stargazers.

5. Non-Astronomer Guests: Please remember that this is not a public outreach event. If members of your party don’t have their own equipment, you are responsible for keeping them “entertained” during the nighttime viewing. If you bring young children, please don’t allow them to run or bike near telescopes.

6. Music: We all have different musical tastes, so please don’t impose your musical preferences on others by playing loud music. Let’s all enjoy the sounds of nature!

7. Kitchen: If you use the kitchen facilities to prepare food, please clean up after yourself. Wipe down spatters on the stovetop and in the microwave.

8. Food and Garbage: This is bear country! Do not store your food or garbage inside your tent or vehicle. Please store them inside the main building or bunkhouse.

9. Firearms: Firearms are prohibited. If you feel that you need protection against wildlife, bring a can of bear spray.


If you have general questions about this event, please contact Emile Cormier:

Email: emile dot cormier dot jr at gmail dot com
Phone: 962-0269


Fill out the form below to register spots for your party.

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July 21, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
July 23, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
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Livingston Outdoor Adventures
37 Livingston Lane
Alma, New Brunswick Canada


Emile Cormier
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