• President: ** Position Available
  • 1st Vice-President: June MacDonald (** Interim)
  • 2nd Vice-President: ** Position Available
  • Secretary: Emma MacPhee (** Interim)
  • Treasurer: Emma MacPhee (** Interim)
  • National Representative: Francois Theriault

** If you are able to assist by volunteering for the various available or interim roles please use the form below for information regarding the role or other ways you can support your centre.


Chris Weadick, Mary King, Francois Theriault, Andrew Lorens

** Four (4) positions open


  • Education / Outreach: Curt Nason
  • Equipment: Chris Weadick (** Interim)
  • Library: Ted Dunphy
  • Light Pollution Abatement: Chris Weadick
  • Newsletter: Curt Nason (** Interim)
  • Social Media: Emma MacPhee (** Interim)
  • Star Party / Events:Paul Owen & Yvon Hachey (Fredericton: Chris/Ted/James)
  • Website: Chris Weadick - content,  Trevor Johnson - what's up (from Curt)

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