About Us

The New Brunswick Centre is one of 29 Centres of Canada’s only national astronomy organisation: the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. We are the "little Centre that does". Since its inception in 2000, our Centre has accomplished a number of things. We have grown our membership, supported public educational outreach through numerous astronomical activities and observing events. In addition, we have ongoing public outreach throughout the province, hold monthly meetings in several cities, organise annual star parties around N.B., and provide speakers and support for groups and organisations who are interested in any aspect of astronomy.

We are a diverse group, having a wide spectrum of expertise in astronomy: from newbie to guru. There is a wide range of age groups and life experiences as well. Our mandate is simply to share our love of astronomy and the wonders of the universe. We welcome everyone who shares this interest with us.

To provide easier access to members, we hold our meetings in three cities: Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton. If you wish to know more about astronomy or telescopes, don’t hesitate to come to a meeting, where we'll be happy to help. We also have mentors in all corners of the province, who can be contacted for any kind of assistance. We encourage members to support us in any way they are able: attending meetings and observing events, joining the council or a committee, or offering to give a talk at a meeting. Participating in these activities is a good way to gain experience and share your interest with others.

[Image by Mike Powell]


You don't need expensive telescopes to enjoy astronomy. Just go outside and look up with your eyes or binoculars. Check out the Moon while sitting outside on a warm summer evening. Watch for meteors (aka "shooting stars"). Look for planet groupings called conjunctions. Go to star parties and observing events, where you can look through a club member’s telescope. Such events give you an opportunity to check out various types of telescopes, which can help you in making purchasing decisions.

Astronomy is a growing and active hobby. For some it is a passion. It tells us our past and our future. If you are a member, please share your interest. If you are not a member, why not join and explore the universe with us?

[Image by Jim Stewart]