Photos of the Month – February 2019

[Featured image above by Astena Marsh]

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François has this story to share for his Horsehead nebula photo:

This is a Swedish – Canadian collaboration.

A fellow astronomer in Sweden contacted me wanting to cooperate on an image we both had targeted. I had added some Ha data in my data set that I had taken with a 8 inch newtonian.
Göran noted that my Ha data would complement his image nicely by adding contrast and luminance to the one shot colour data set he had captured of the horsehead. He was absolutely right!
While I cannot take credit for the processing or the colour image, I am thrilled with the resulting image.

Göran’s data was collected by an ES 127ED apo refractor with a TS 0.79 reducer giving at FL 750mm and a Canon 60Da (10 x 300″ at ISO 1600) His observatory is in Varmland, Sweden.
My data was collected by an Antares 200mm Newtonian (FL 1000 mm) and a SBIG ST8300M (Baader Ha filter, 11 x 300″) from my observatory in Moncton.

To this day, I still cooperate with Goran, sharing my imaging data with him for his processing. I am also cooperating with a fellow astronomer in Brazil since December 2018.

Hope you enjoy. The original full size image is found at

François’ complete astrophotography gallery is available on his Astrobin page.

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