Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th

(Featured image:  Paul Owen – Total Lunar Eclipse of September 2015)

On the night of January 20th, there will be a total lunar eclipse visible across all of North America. This is the only eclipse of any kind we’ll be able to witness from Canada in 2019. Over a period of hours, the Moon will dim and take on a reddish color as is passes behind the Earth’s shadow.

You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy the lunar eclipse. All you need are your eyes, warm clothing, and clear weather.

Live Feeds

Here are some sources that will stream the eclipse live:

Note that the lunar eclipse won’t be as dramatic, or happen as quickly as a solar eclipse. What you can do is tune in to these live feeds occasionally to observe the reddening of the moon.

Local Events

Due to the storm, all eclipse observing events in New Brunswick have been cancelled.


The following chart shows the times (in EST) when the Moon will pass into the Earth’s umbra and penumbra (chart courtesy of Glenn LeDrew/RASC/SkyNews). Add one hour to obtain Atlantic Standard Time.

Why the name Super Blood Wolf Moon?

Don’t worry, werewolves won’t be prowling about in the night. The news media has been calling this event the Super Blood Wolf Moon. It’s not a real scientific term, but there is some logic to it. This name can be broken down as follows:

  • Super: The moon will be at perigee, which is the point in the moon’s elliptical orbit where it’s closest to the Earth and appears 14% larger than average. When the full moon occurs at or near perigee, the news media calls this event a supermoon.
  • Blood: Lunar eclipses have been informally called blood moon due to the moon taking on a reddish color.
  • Wolf: Wolf Moon is the name given to the January full moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanach.

RASC Handouts

RASC National has produced this short video on the upcoming lunar eclipse:

Here are pamphlets made by the RASC and SkyNews magazine that you can download and print to promote the upcoming lunar eclipse event.

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